THIS is the difference between white collar and blue collar workers 2023

High School Teacher or Waste Disposal ManagerBoth careers will survive any economic downturn, but which pays more? Average job salaries for mid-career waste disposal managers range around $47,900, 9 percent higher than the typical salary of $43,564 for a mid-career high school teacher. Blue-collar jobs are typically manual labor while white-collar jobs are office-based. White-collar workers are typically office-based, while blue-collar workers are more likely to work in factories, construction sites, or other physical locations.

  • Another benefit is that there are many apprenticeship programs that offer on-the-job training that give individuals the opportunity to get paid while learning their trade.
  • “White collar” appeared in 1910, and “blue collar” became prevalent in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • A white-collar worker is someone who performs professional or administrative work for an organization.
  • They not only complete their graduation but also aim for higher studies like a master’s major, etc.
  • The movement of a nation’s employment market toward the service industry and away from agricultural labor signifies growth, advancement, and development.
  • White-collar jobs are believed to be more sought-after than blue-collar ones.

The supervisors of police officers and detectives in the US make a median salary of $89,030 per annum. However, many jobs offer health insurance and retirement savings plans. In this article, we will discuss the key differences between these two types of jobs. In Louisville, workers were already participating in practice pickets and registering for strike shifts days before the Friday walkouts were called in nearby states. Dale and his kids have signed up, and so has Jonathan Ellis, who also works for Ford’s Louisville operations at a nearby assembly plant. At the same time, the automakers are set to lose more revenue the longer their plants are shut down.

Blue Collar Jobs

The average job salaries for mid-career bricklayers range around $44,380, 8 percent higher than the typical salary of $40,754 for a mid-career social worker with a Master’s in Social Work. White-collar workers are often required to have a college degree, while blue-collar workers can typically get by with a high school diploma or equivalent. Teachers are considered to be white-collar workers because it is typically a higher-paid and higher-skilled job that requires more education and training than low-skilled or manual work.

blue-collar vs white-collar salary

Such nonexempt “blue-collar” employees gain the skills and knowledge required for performance of their routine manual and physical work through apprenticeships and on-the-job training. While the pay for blue-collar workers has historically been lower than that of their white-collar counterparts, that’s not always the case. Many blue-collar positions have blue-collar vs white-collar salary become more skilled as technology advances, and some blue-collar workers now make far more than many white-collar employees. There’s always been a rivalry between the blue-collar and white-collar workers of the world. Which ones have better job opportunities, which are paid better and, more recently, whose wages are recovering faster post-recession?

What is a white-collar worker?

If you are interested in working in the aviation industry with a blue-collar job, this is a suitable role for you. While you don’t need a college degree to land this position, employers prefer candidates who have some vocational training and exceptional mathematical skills. OneDegree Careers is a platform created to help career seekers explore and choose a high-paying skilled career that doesn’t require college debt. Let’s look at a few areas where the distinction of white collar vs. blue collar is most evident. In the 21st century, however, these distinctions blur and are perhaps not as important as they once were. Great innovation is being done in integrated workspaces, like Elon Musk’s SpaceX, where the physicists, engineers, and manufacturers all work on the same factory floor.

blue-collar vs white-collar salary

Pink-collar is an outdated term that was used to describe sectors that were historically dominated by women, including nursing and secretarial work. One of the newest types of collar colors is the green collar, which refers to jobs in the environmental sector. According to The PayScale Index, a study of changes in wages for full-time, private employees, results are mixed.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Although the terms typically evoke different images of workers, the similarities between their roles are increasing. “Blue collar” and “white collar” are terms people use to describe different types of workers in the economy. Examples include factory workers, welders, construction workers, and truck drivers. Blue collar is a classification of people, especially those in the workforce. It typically relates to people who work in jobs that involve manual labor.

  • Roger works in the office of the construction company as an executive.
  • College Professor or Prison GuardThe average job salaries for mid-career prison guards range around $60,880, 3 percent higher than the typical salary of $58,876 for a mid-career college professor.
  • Although the job market has changed over the years, the term “white collar” is still used to describe these types of jobs.
  • Blue-collar jobs often also require highly specialized skills and expertise.

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